Turning Center – L25

Doosan Lynx 220LSYC

Max turning Diameter: 9”

Chuck Size: 8”

Through Spindle Capacity: 2.625”

Bed Length: 20”

Power: 20 HP main spindle, 15 HP sub spindle.

Tools: 24 station turret with live tool.

Options: Sub spindle, Y-Axis, LNS bar feeder, sub spindle part unloader.

Description: The combination of live tooling and a sub spindle makes this machine capable of performing milling, drilling, and machining of a parts backside without opening the door.  Additionally, live tooling and sub spindles enable us to eliminate secondary operations, part flipping, and the need to use more pieces of machinery to complete your part. Ultimately, it reduces handling time, set up time, machine time, labor, and reduces cost for our customers!

Identifier: L25

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