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Pro Products LLC was established in 2000, however, our experience in manufacturing takes us back to 1981.

Joe Hurley, Founder of Pro Products LLC., has a storied history in manufacturing. At the beginning of his career, he worked at a marine hardware manufacturer here in Sturgeon Bay. They made hydraulic systems among many other components mainly for the pleasure sailing industry. The company had great products, for a growing industry, but the business was not turning a profit. The company closed and Joe bought the remaining inventory and continued selling the product until he ran out. Because of this, he purchased CNC equipment to begin production again on the components that were in high demand. Joe soon realized at the end of the week, he had time left available on the equipment as it did not require a full 40 hour week to keep up with demand. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, he set out to sell that leftover time on the machine, and that is how he entered the contract manufacturing world. Meanwhile he always had a love and passion for Corvettes and was restoring one at the time and could not find some parts he needed. Having the equipment available, he started producing these hard to find components and sold them at car shows around the Midwest to enthusiasts and mail order companies.

Joe and his wife Sandy, who had been taking care of the books and making sure Joe didn’t spend too much money on new equipment every chance he got, were now building the contract manufacturing side of the business. This would eventually grow to become the primary focus as demand grew. Over the next 20 or so years they grew that business, N.E.W. Industries, from inside a detached garage behind their house, to a new facility they built in the industrial park employing over 55 people operating more than 30 machines. In the late 1990’s they made the decision to sell that company and take a break for a few years.

After that time period, Pro Products LLC. was born, and Joe and Sandy’s two sons, Jon and Steven, were eager to return to a small business atmosphere after both having began their professional careers with Fortune 500 companies. Years earlier at N.E.W. Industries, Jon and Steven would sweep floors, deburr parts, and help in packaging. At an early age, they also started running machines and really learning about the business of precision CNC machining. This experience would prove invaluable in understanding all aspects of the business as they grew into their leadership roles at Pro Products LLC. Since the beginnings in a 9,000 square foot shop, Pro Products LLC. has maintained a philosophy of investing in innovation and training as a foundation for their competitive advantage in the market. They find themselves today in a state of the art 40,000 square foot facility, where over 70% of their equipment runs lights out, unattended. Automation and process improvement have been their keys to success, growing the business year over year. Now having been in their second generation of leadership, Pro Products LLC. is excited for the future and continuing to support their customer’s needs, and further strengthening their position in the Precision CNC Machining environment.

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